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Learn how to achieve incredible European painted finishes with Amy Howard in this immersive course that includes on demand training, LIVE session recordings, and all inclusive guides.


Hi, my name is Amy Howard...

I am thrilled to announce a brand-new season of the European Finishing Course that combines on-demand training, live session recordings, and all inclusive guides covering nine different European finishes never before seen in one place.

After the launch of my Old World Finishing Course, many students saw how incredible it was to learn finishing processes they never thought were possible. Over and over all of my students said "Amy, take us to the next level" - so I’ve spent the last year documenting nine new European finishes I know you're going to love.

Now you too can learn many of the same finishing techniques that lead to the success of my furniture line, The Amy Howard Collection, for over 30 years.

In the European Finishing Course, I have focused on Scandinavian finishes, provincial, and French finishes that you would see on antiques all over Europe.

You are going to love learning and using these processes to take your portfolio of finishes to the next level!

What You'll Learn In The European Finishing Course

Plaster Linen Wrap

A technique that's been used from the Greeks to the Chinese on a variety of different surfaces such as consoles, chests, and more.

Painted Venetian Finishes

Recreate incredible Italian pieces using the plaster painting process to add incredible layering and depth.

Glazed Layering & Artwork

Create incredible finishes by layering glaze with artwork on top of existing finishes.

European Raised Elements

Easily create authentic 3D European elements on your furniture for added depth and details.

European Crackle Finish

Create an authentic cracked finish often seen on worn European antiques.

European Oxidation

Turn pieces with simple lines and grains into something special with depth, details, and artwork.

European Aged Wood

Create elegant finishes by utilizing the existing wood grain in your pieces in just a few steps.

Amy's Secret Capri Finish

A favorite finish that was used on the Capri dining tables in the Amy Howard furniture line.

Antiqued Scandinavian Finish

An authentic Scandinavian-inspired finish for pieces such as mirrors, chairs, chests, and more.


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Lifetime Course Access

Get lifetime access to The European Finishing Course on-demand training lessons covering nine of Amy's most incredible European finishes.

($1,500 Value)

Detailed Guides

You'll be able to access all inclusive step-by-step guides, product lists, and LIVE presentation slides for each lesson.

($250 Value)

Recorded LIVE Sessions

Get lifetime access to the recorded LIVE sessions with Amy and season one students that deep dive into each lesson.

($495 Value)

European Finishing Group

Join a one-of-a-kind community of other European finishing enthusiasts that you'll love sharing new finishes and feedback with.



Trompe l'oeil Workshop

Learn the basics of creating trompe l'oeil art for different surfaces and pieces with special guest Zoey Stevens in this video workshop!

✔️ A brief history of the technique

✔️ Guest speaker Zoey Stevens (Cast Member at Walt Disney World who uses this technique on displays at the parks)

✔️ and More!

($65 Value)

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